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Legislation - Table of Contents

  • Act 24 of 2020 Legislative Report December 2020: This is the final program report as required by Act 24 of 2020. It includes the outcomes of the 2020 CARES Rent Relief Program and the Pandemic Mortgage Assistance Program.
  • Act 105 of 2010: The Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement (PHARE) Fund was established by Act 105 of 2010 (the "PHARE Act") to provide the mechanism by which certain allocated state or federal funds, as well as funds from other outside sources, would be used to assist with the creation, rehabilitation and support of affordable housing throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Act 156 of 2012: The Manufactured Home Community Rights Act; House Bill 1767.
  • Act 55 of 2001: The Mortgage Bankers and Brokers and Consumer Equity Protection Act. This law regulates high-cost sub-prime lending and requires that borrowers be notified that a list of Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies can be obtained from PHFA.
  • Act 137 of 1992: Legislation Amended into Title 53 of the PA Consolidated Statutes as Chapter 60 (Optional Affordable Housing Funding)
  • Act 621 of 1959: The HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY LAW; Act of Dec. 3, 1959, P.L. 1688, No. 621.