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If you are not a Homeownership Professional, please go to the "HOME PAGE" to locate your resources.

Resources for Lenders and Brokers

PHFA offers home purchase and refinance loans with competitive interest rates and fees to eligible homebuyers. These home loans are originated, processed, and closed by a network of approved participating lending institutions. The loans and servicing rights are then purchased by the Agency following settlement. PHFA loans are also originated by approved mortgage brokers who obtain sponsorship from a participating lender.

PHFA offers a number of resources to lenders including regional, on-site, and Web-based training opportunities; e-mail and phone support; and, program brochures. This Web site is also a key resource for participating lenders by providing current program guidelines, forms, updates, and other pertinent information. It also outlines the criteria and provides the application materials for lenders and brokers that are interested in offering PHFA's line of home purchase and assistance loans.

The network of lenders and brokers is a vital part of PHFA's homeownership program, ensuring that all buyers in Pennsylvania have access to PHFA's home purchase loans.

Forms & Guidelines

Seller's Guide



Products: A quick reference guide to PHFA's homeownership programs, including a summary of the guidelines.

Process:   Illustrates how the loan moves through the pipeline--and what paperwork is needed at each step--from the time of application to loan purchase by PHFA.

* Forms Overview:   A comprehensive listing of PHFA’s homeownership program forms categorized by function. Also describes when each one is required.


PHFA offers both Web–based and in–person training opportunities to its housing partners. Web training includes basic and advanced lender training program. Training is also provided throughout the year at various locations.

New participating lenders receive web or on–site training at their office or designated location. PHFA staff may also be available to conduct on-site training at the location of current participating lenders or at REALTOR® offices, upon request. Additionally, PHFA is happy to provide participating lenders with PowerPoint presentations for marketing and internal training purposes. For further details, please contact the Homeownership Programs Division at 717.780.3871.

Additional Resources: