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HEMAP Information for Homeownership Professionals

Pennsylvania Foreclosure Prevention Act 91 of 1983

Homeowners' Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP) is a program to prevent mortgage foreclosure. Act 91 of 1983 requires lenders to notify their mortgagors of the Program. If the mortgagor applies within the required timeframe, no legal action should be taken until a decision is made on the application or the process becomes untimely.

FACTSHEET: This fact sheet contains important information about the legal rights of a homeowner and ways to save their home from foreclosure.

Appendices & Notices

Appendices / Act 91 Notice

Advisory Notices


On April 3, 2021, a notice was published in the PA Bulletin amending the Homeowners' Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program Guidelines. This amendment was made for the purpose of defining "face-to-face" in order to allow applications to be made through the use of available technology and makes related amendments to the uniform Act 91 Notice. The definition incorporated into the Guidelines reads as “A meeting conducted either in-person or remotely using technological means, through which the applicant and consumer credit counseling agency communicate with each other contemporaneously, both audibly and visually. These amendments will be codified in PA 31.201

HEMAP Act 91 Statistical Data