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Section 811 PRA (Project Rental Assistance)

The Section 811 PRA Program provides project-based rental assistance for extremely low-income persons with disabilities. In February 2013, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development ("HUD") awarded 13 states, including Pennsylvania, funding under the 811 Program. The first round of HUD funding provided for assistance for 200 units. In July 2014, PHFA was awarded funding for an additional 200 units.


PHFA has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with the Department of Human Services ("DHS") to develop permanent supportive housing for extremely low-income persons with disabilities, to afford those persons an opportunity to live in safe, affordable, accessible housing that is integrated into the community. This MOU coordinates the community-based services provided by DHS while utilizing PHFA's expertise in housing and housing-related issues to develop an efficient and cost effective rental assistance program.

In addition, PHFA and DHS have partnered with Self Determination Housing Partnership ("SDHP") to manage the 811 wait list. SDHP also works closely with Local Lead Agencies ("LLA") to identify and establish stakeholder groups to refer eligible applicants to the 811 program. SDHP will manage outreach, referrals and waiting list systems and serve as the single point of contact for housing providers, including developers, property managers and landlords.

Target Population

The target population for the 811 Program includes persons with extremely low income at or below 30% AMI. LLAs will identify and screen individuals within their service area who are currently residing in institutional settings as well as those in home and community-based residential settings, for interest to relocate into community-based housing units that receive assistance through the 811 Program.

Specifically, the 811 Program targets persons with disabilities, ages 18-61 at move in:

  • who are institutionalized, but able to live in the community with permanent supportive housing,
  • at risk of institutionalization, without permanent supportive housing,
  • living in a congregate settings, who desire to move to the community.

Eligible Properties

PHFA is rolling out the 811 Program on a statewide basis and is currently working with new or existing Low Income Housing Tax Credit ("LIHTC") and/or HOME funded properties. Properties must contain at least 5 housing units and be designated for General or 55+ populations.

No more than 25% of the units at each property may receive 811 rental assistance payments; may be used for supportive housing for persons with disabilities; or have any occupancy preference for persons with disabilities.

Owners of eligible properties must be familiar with Section 8 program rules per the HUD 4350.3 Handbook and must have the ability to use the HUD systems for Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System ("TRACS") and Enterprise Income Verification System ("EIV").

Units must meet the program criteria for unit integration and accessibility and accessibility to transportation and services.

Section 811 Properties Interactive Map

Initial Documents

Contracts and Exhibits

Guidance and Resources



Voucher and Special Claim Processing

The voucher record and applicable tenant files must be transmitted electronically to PHFA's iMAX address TRACM00722.
NOTE: The submission of paper vouchers is no longer required.

If you need to information to obtain a new TRACS/iMAX ID, please send an email request to